Thursday, June 1, 2017

#ArmchairBookExpo: Make It or Break It

Make It Or Break It

You've got this amazing idea in your head that you're sure is going to be the NEXT BESTSELLER! Whoot! Whoot! Oh, you're so excited you can't start to write the book. You go through the entire writing and publishing process. You're baby is finally in the world. You're so excited that you put more of your blood, sweat and tears into with marketing it everywhere. BUT then the bummer moment happens. NO ONE HAS BOUGHT YOUR BOOK. Or worse get the worst reviews of the century. 


You can blame it all your readers, my friend. 

Yup, it's the readers fault. Well not entirely. It was yours, as well. I know. If your a reader or an author, sometimes you can be both, your probably saying "What?" in a really snarky tone to me. Just calm down, please, and let me explain. So there is this really weird thing that happens to writers. We have all kinds of crazy ideas that are constantly floating around in our head. Naturally born writers do this all the time. I've been known to work on about three or four ideas in my head per day sometimes. And that's just on a normal day. My thoughts can really spring forth from anything like a conversation, something I've read, family stories, etc. When my muse is really going I could be caught daydreaming all day with different scenarios. The problem with being an author is that readers in a certain genre expect certain rules and expectations to be followed within the genres you write in. Some readers like cross genre stories. Others, not so much. The author has to find the right balance between what the reader is expecting from them and whatever their creative ideas are. If you sway to far either way your readers won't read the book or give your book a bad review. Worse yet, if you are writing as series and you kill off the readers favorite character. Tread carefully my friend. We have to appease the readers and our own muse. 

What are some books you've read that you think the author needed some help with?

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